Oasis Services

The income resulted were later on invested to buy land for agro project under the banner of Oasis Services agro, another proprietorship concern established in 2008. CP Bangladesh signed lease agreement with Oasis Services agro for the very first project with Oasis. As the project construction required huge amount of investment, Oasis needed to apply for bank finance, mortgaging the land and building facilities. With the lease agreement, CP also paid one year’s of rental income in advance as per the agreement for all projects. This is how making the project continued one after another. Under Oasis services agro, we made 08 projects by our own revenue/fund, advance received from CP and availing further bank finance. The loan sanction advices of all the banks and the lease agreements with CP can be provided as and when required.
Contract No Awarded By Period Contract Value (In USD)

BD 2007-401-625

Chevron Bangladesh USA


Approx2.6 million

BD 2007-1200-0495

Chevron Bangladesh USA


Approx0.13 million

BD 2005-168B

Unocal Bangladesh USA


Approx 2.3 million

Contract No 1042167

Chevron Bangladesh USA


Approx 1.4 million

Contract No 1430347

Chevron Bangladesh USA


Approx0.9 million

Contract No 867823

Chevron Bangladesh USA


Approx5 million

BD 2009-0402-0735

Chevron Bangladesh USA


Approx0.8 million

Contract No 0028

Santos Sangu Field Australia


Approx 0.1 million

Contract No 3387

Cairn Energy Sangu Field UK


Approx 0.05 million

All the original contract copies, audit reports & tax return of the applicable yearscan be provided as and when required.

To successfully execute these contracts, Oasis Services needed to have credit line facility with a bank. While reviewing the proposal, considering the client, contract value and the guarantee of the contract, One Bank Ltd had sanctioned a loan amount of USD 0.7 million in favour of Oasis Services for a term of 5 years. Presently, we did not find the loan sanction advice copy at our file but can be arranged from One Bank Ltd as & when required.

Over the years Oasis Services generated substantial amount of revenue from this business and paid large amount of Income Tax & VAT to the government.

Tax certificates can be provided as and when required.

In 2007, Oasis Services applied for an international recruiting license which was approved later in that year.After holding the recruiting license, Oasis Services established a vocational training school in joint venture with Singaporeanpartners in order to train andexport skilled labor to Singapore. Ministry of Manpower, Singapore had issued a NOC in favor of Oasis Services to set up the training center and run the operations. The NOC copy and the RecruitingLicense copy, both are attached. Till today, Oasis Services had trained over 17,000 workers and recruited approx. 11,000 skilled workers to Singapore under work permit scheme and generated substantial income from this venture.

Tax challan copies can be provided as and when required.

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