Oasis Services

Oasis Services, represented by its sole proprietor Mr Nazmul Huda Mehedi started setting up bench marks in the service sectors of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh since 2003 with a proven track record of achievements in the diverse industries it has ventured into over a period of time.

Involvement with Chevron Bangladesh Ltd

In 2005, Oasis Services has started leasing project supports and logistics services to world renowned US based MNC Unocal Bangladesh Ltd, presently known as Chevron Bangladesh Ltd working in the field of Oil & Gas drilling sector. With Chevron we had three different contracts with different provision of services & scope of work. The contracts were as follows:

Vehicle Rental Services Contract
Manpower Support Services Contract
Equipment Rental Services Contract

Vehicle Rental Services

The first contract was awarded on January 2006 under which a fleet of more than 70 luxuries vehicles have been deployed to several prestigious projects of Chevron. Every month we used to receive a fixed rental for the vehicles supplied under the contract. Our job was to supply the vehicle, renewing the vehicle documents every year and taking care of periodical maintenance works. The initial contract tenure was for 3 years. This contract was extended time to time with amendment and extensions considering their business need and our efficient service record along with outstanding management support and capabilities. The latest contract we have with chevron for this service is valid upto December, 2018.

Manpower Support services

Besides vehicle rental services Oasis has been awarded another contract with Chevron in mid of 2007 for recruiting professional personnel for their projects as per their employment needs under which Oasis has recruited more than 500 professionals including contracts administrator, aviation coordinator, admin coordinators, transport coordinators, technicians, drivers and support staffs etc. Oasis was responsible for their interview, selection, medical, insurance, payroll, leave records and other benefits including their termination. This contract was renewed time to time and expired on 31st March 2015.

Equipment Rental Services

Oasis has another contract with Chevron Ref no: BD 2007-1200-0495 for leasing Equipment. Under this contract we supplied two units of water bowser for carrying chemical water to different plants of Chevron. This contract was entered onto July 2007 for a three years period and expired on July 2010.

Involvement with Santos Sangu Field Ltd

In 2008, Oasis also has similar Fleet Management Services contract with Cairn Energy Sangu Field Ltd a British Company working in the field of Oil and Gas drilling. The first agreement was entered onto 2008 and renewed further with extensions. This company is taken over now by another Australian Company known as Santos Sangu Field Ltd. Under the contract no 3387, Oasis has supplied 15 units of luxurious vehicle (Microbus & SUV) to Santos. The contract is valid till February 2018.

Details of Contract No and Contract Value

International Training School & Manpower Export

Oasis services have also been involved in recruiting skilled manpower to Singapore since 2008. We are holding international recruiting license (RL-999) from the Government of Bangladesh. The government has also given us NOC to establish training centre where we train workers in international standard as per the guidelines and syllabus provided by Building Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore. We provide training in the following trades:
  • Steel Reinforcement, Timber Form Work, Metal Form Work, Electrical wiring installation, Plumbing and Pipe fitting, Waterproofing, Acoustical Ceiling, Fibrous Plaster Ceiling , Interior Dry Wall, Timber Door, Thermal Insulation, Ducting Air con Ventilation

We have successfully trained & mobilized over 38,000 skilled workers under long term WP (work permit) in joint venture with Bangladesh Government & Singapore ministry. The work permit is valid for six years which means that the worker can legally stay in Singapore for six years. The wages are paid as per the labor law & standard of Singapore.

Number of workers mobilized (As per record of BMET)

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