Human Resources Developer

Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a population over 140 million of which 50 million are civilian labor force. A well developed education and training system has made this labor force very active and qualified to meet demands of domestic & foreign markets. Presently there are several Engineering Universities, Medical Colleges, Marine & Aeronautical Institutes, Agricultural Universities and thousands of vocational training centers. Some of which are managed by International Universities/colleges or institutes whereby the curriculum are being taught as same standards like UK, USA & Australia in English language medium.
Due to great priority extended to the educational & technical training, the growth of educated and technical manpower increased substantially over the years in almost all sectors and discipline. Over the last decade, a total of about 5 million Bangladeshi citizens were mobilized in different categories around the world specially in Middle-eastern countries. Apart from Middle-east there are Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Europe, UK & North African countries.

With the constantly increasing demand of Bangladeshi workforce, our Government has now given special attention and has set up an special bureau by the name of Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training headed by senior govt officials. The officials from this Bureau is constantly organizing official visits to the countries, seminar & other marketing activities through the labour attache of Bangladesh Embassy in the respective countries. As such, the Embassy of the host country extends full supports to any prospective employer who may like to employ Bangladeshi workforce.
In view of the above opportunity & prospects, we have established several state of the art training centre in Bangladesh in collaboration with Singapore, UK & other countries. Some of these training centers and their training curriculum are recognized by Building Construction Authority of Singapore Government, while others are affiliated with world’s most prestigious training providers like City & Guilds of UK. Besides we do also provide extensive course on HSE training from worldwide recognized organization Bureau of Veritas (BV).

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