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Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a population over 140 million of which 50 million are civilian labor force. A well developed education and training system has made this labor force very active and qualified to meet demands of domestic & foreign markets. Presently there are several Engineering Universities, Medical Colleges, Marine & Aeronatiucal Institures, Agricultural Universities and thousands of vocational training centres. Some of which are managed by International Universities/colleges or institutes whereby the curricullum are being taught as same standards like UK, USA & Australia in English language medium.

Due to great priority extended to the educational & technical training, the growth of educated and technical manpower increased substantially over the years in almost all sectors and discipline. Over the last decade, a total of about 5 million Bangladeshi citizens were mobilized in different categories around the world specially in Middle-eastern countries. Apart from Middle-east there are Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Europe, UK & North African countries.

With the constantly increasing demand of Bangladeshi workforce, our Government has now given special attention and has set up an special bureau by the name of Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training headed by senior govt officials. The officials from this Bureau is constantly organizing official visits to the countries, seminar & other marketing activities through the labour attache of Bangladesh Embassy in the respective countries. As such, the Embassy of the host country extends full supports to any prospective employer who may like to employ Bangladeshi workforce.

In view of the above opportunity & prospects, we have established several state of the art training centre in Bangladesh in collaboration with Singapore, UK & other countries. Some of these training centres and their training curricullum are recognized by Building Construction Auythority of Singapore Government, while others are affilliated with world’s most prestigious training providers like City & Guilds of UK. Besides we do also provide extensive course on HSE training from worldwide recognoized organization Bureau of Veritas (BV).

Training is an art

Our CentersAffiliation TradesCapacity Recruitment

Progressive Training Centre
Zirabo, EPZ Road, Ashulia, Dhaka

VIRSAGI Management (S) Pte. Ltd. Singapore
-Trainer & Management Consultant

Shuttering Carpentry

Metal Formwork


Steel Fixing/Rod Binding









Weltech Training Centre Jamur Munshipara, Nirshindipur, Ashulia, Dhaka

Building Construction Authority, Singapore -Tester & Govt. Certification Authority



Electric Wiring







Nabinagar Training Centre
Nabinagar, Savar

City & Guilds, UK
-Tester & Certification Authority from UK

Block lying


Pipe Fitting







Pukurpar Training Centre
Ashulia, Dhaka

Bangladesh / Singapore
-Certification Authority on Safety training










The Training Quality & Value

Standards & Specification

The training is provided with high standard quality management. Highly experienced instructors are recruited from Thailand, Singapore, China & India. We follow both technical & theoritical curriculum from the Building Construction Authority of Singapore and City & Guilds of UK. Our training centers are facilitated with accommodation and fooding for all workers undergoing training. An elaborate training is provided for 3-6 months till the workers are ready to take the test which we evaluate by taking a simulation test. Highly experts specialists review the workers performance in day to day training. Time is a major part here to complete the practical assignment of projects. Representatives from the certified authorities mentioned are than take the final tests of the workers in every month. The finally qualified workers are then awarded certification from the concerned authorities. The certificate given by the Building Construction Authority of Singapore is valid for 18 years and the workers awarded the same certificate may work in Singapore for the same period without paying any levy to Singapore govt. The certificate awarded by City & Guilds make the skill of the worker recognized & an globally acceptable in Europe, USA, Australia and other countries. We also provide orientation to the worker before they are recruited to the Companies to educate them on the rules of employment policy and geography, weather & laws of the host country of work.

Mission & Goal

Till to the date we have provided professional skills to more than 25000 workers in different trades and approximately 20000 of them are already being recruited and successfully continuing their works in Singapore, UAE, Malaysia and other countries.

Name of Trade

Shuttering Carpentry (Timber)
Shuttering Carpentry (Metal)
Steel Fixing
Tiles Lying
Block Making
Electrical Wiring
Plumbing, etc.

Training at glance

Total Training Centers : 4 nos
Total Training Space : 120,000sft
Minimum Capacity : 3500 nos
Nos of Trades : 12

Our Safety Cards & Internationally recognized certification

The Recruitment

Established by a team of leading recruitment consultants in construction and engineering, Oasis Services has grown quickly to become one of the most active technical recruitment agency in Bangladesh.
The service that we offer is not only personal but to the clients, a valuable extension to their business.
By now, we have branched out to cater for the whole recruitment sector and now recruiting for our dedicated client base of over 50 leading organization covering Construction & Engineering, Residential Development, Marine Industry, Hospitality / Service sector, Highway & Bridge Construction, Highrise Building, River Training & Dredging etc.
The success of Oasis Services is simply down to the continuous hard work, enthusiasm, energy of every member and staff within the organization who pursue the same goals as its founders.
It is a continuous commitment and drive that has enabled Oasis Services to move three years ahead of their ten years plan and to achieve a high turnover.

What We Do

High Quality

Oasis Services provides high quality recruitment services that is to build around the ethos of working closely with our clients and job seekers to find the ideal match.

Professional Dedicated Team

In order to deliver consistency and high service levels, we have dedicated teams of consultants specially in key industry sectors. Our consultants are trained in all aspects of the requirement process to ensure they can manage our vacancy from the early stages, communicate with all parties and professionally take the vacancy to the successful placement.

Internal & External Training

Setting high service standards, Oasis Services continues to invest heavily in internal and external training courses and support all our consults to become trained and qualified in a continuous efforts to pioneer new recruitment approaches and continuously developed the service we offer….

Our Recruitment Sectors

Covering all disciplines in the technical, Construction and Engineering Sectrors, Marine, Services sector; our consultants knowledge, experience and understanding of their specialists sectoins means they are perfectly placed to work closely with you to manage your recruitment need.

The Sectors that we work are;

Civil Construction of all discipline
Mechanical, Electrical & Insulation Works
Consultant Engineers
Private House Building
Social Housing
Town Planning & Highrise Building
Process & Refinery
Pipeline Construction
Oilfield/Gasfield Drilling & Development
River Training / Dredging / Reclaimation
Highway & Bridge Construction
Marine Industry
Hospitaliy / Service sectors

Our Specialities

We are well-established and reputed organization who can mobilize very experienced workers of all categories after proper screening from our existing Data Bank.
We are having the biggest vocational training centres in Bangladesh, which are internationally recognized.
We mobilize workers within a least possible time frame.
Our employment terms and conditions are very suitable for the honorable clients.
We always maintain an active and harmonious relation with both our clients and workers regularly on need to need basis.

We remain for you

We are already working with over 50 Companies as a preferred recruiter covering construction Companies and Engineering Consultants. Our service is adopted to satisfy each individual client and our approach is dedicatedly tailored to our clients’ requirement. After getting into a supply arrangement, we allocate an account manager who is responsible for monitoring and carry out all monthly performance reviews in order to maintain the highest level of service and success rate. Regardless recruitment requirement, please contact us for more information and see how we tailor our service to help you find the solution to your staffing needs.

Oasis Services prove time after time that we can exceed our Client’s expectations and deliver an unrivalled recruitment service. More and more of the leading Companies in the sectors we cover are making the team at Oasis Services their preferred recruitment service provider.

Why Bangladeshi Workers?

High Productivity and mostly experienced working at overseas mega projects.
Low wages, comperatively 20-30% lower wages than Thailand, Phillipinesd & India
Institutionally Trained Personnel
Easy processing procedures
Cheaper airfare cost and minimum fly time
Closure cultural affinity & similar food habits
Workers are energetic & staminated
Highly obedient and disciplined workforce
Knowledge of English, Arabic etc.
Embassy assistant in the country

Your Solutions

OASIS as your Human Resources Developer

We have a proven track record in working with international Companies, MNC’s.
We put a great importance on communication and regular contacts with our client.
We work closely with clients to deliver both current and future manpower needs.
We are a quality driven organization.
Our terms are competitive and flexible.
Our management and executive team plays very active role in sourcing the best workers from all over the country.
We arrange orientation and necessary training for our workers to satisfy our clients.
We maintain a Data Bank of approximately 2000 workers of 150 over categories, from where we can recruit almost instantly.
We organize practical test for the Technical Categories with best possible equipment and faculty at the Employer’s request.
We keep constant liason with the workers and employers to plan and develop our services up to the best level of satisfaction for our honorable clients.

Search & Selection

The only way to achieve successful completion of projects or Company targets is to have right personnel on board. Therefore wether it is a senior role for dictating company operations or a more middle-management site based role, Oasis Services has extensive experience in managing a successful search & selection service to ensure the ideal match is made.

Our value for money service, experience and exceptional success rate supports our claim of being one of the best in the technical recruitment industry.

Usual Terms & Conditions

Period of Contract : As per Employer’s Requirement
Working Hours : Minimum 8 hours
Basic Salary : To be offered, negotiated or settled by the Recruitment Agency prior search & selection
Over Time Salary : Usually 1.5 times than the basic or as per the law of the host country of work
Air Ticket : Usually one way (return) borne by Employer
Accommodation & Meals : Free accommodation to be provided or allowances to be paid instead by the Employer
Annual leave : As per Employer’s policy
Medical Facilities : As per Employer’s policy
Insurance : To be borne by the Agency for the host country of work
Cost of Visa Documents and others : To be borne by the Employer at the host country of work
Agent Fee : As determined or after negotiation

Documents Required

Visa Advice from the host country of work
Demand Letter, to be issued to the agent (For Group Visas only)
Power of Attorney for recruitment, to be issued to the agent (For Group Visas only)
Workers Employment Agreement, to be negotiated and settled prior employment
N.O.C (Applicable for some Middle East countries)
Calling Visa (For Malaysia & Brunei)
 IPA and green Bond (For Singapore)

The Data Bank Construction Crews

Administrative / Others

01. Cost Controller
02. Manager
03. Admin Officer
04. Executives
05. Translator – Bengail / English
06. Finance Admin / Collection
07. Human Resources
08. Front Desk / Receptionist
09. Secretary
10. Accountant
11. Admin Asst
12. HSE Officer
13. Computer Programmer
14. Network Engineer
15. Security Officer/Inspector
16. Wathchman
17. Cashier
18. Store Keeper
19. Surveyor
20. Draftsman
21. Camp Boss
22. Personnel Manager
23. Procurement officer
24. General Helper, etc.

Catering Services

01. Chef
02. Cook Oriental / Asian
03. Dal / Rice / Salad Maker
04. Bakeryman
05. Laundryman
06. Waiter / Steward
07. Room Boy / Cleaner
08. Kitchen / Cook Helper
09. House Keeping etc.

Foreman & Supervisor

01. Civil 02. Mechanical 03. Electrical 04. Instrumental 05. Structural 06. Workshop 07. Piping 08. Equipment 09. Welding 10. Transport 11. Steel Fixing 12. Carpenter 13. Asphalt Plant 14. Earth Moving 15. Batching Plant 16. Crushing Plant 17. Quantity & Quality 18. Material 19. Plant Erection 20. Laboratory 21. Survey 22. QA/QC, etc.


01. Accounting / Staff
02. Building Services Staff
03. Computer System Analyst
04. Computer Operator
05. IT Engineer
06. Data Operator
07. Training Staff
08. Maintenance / Grounds
09. Material Management
10. Security
11. Drivers
12. Runner / Courier
13. Transport / Messenger, etc.


01. Bulldozer
02. Pay/Wheel Loader
03. Dump Truck
04. Grader
05. Crane Operator
06. Tow Tractor
07. Forklift
08. Excavator
09. Road Roller
10. Coating Machine
11. Trenching Machine
12. Crushing Plant
13. Batching Plant, etc


01. Allergy
02. Anesthesiology
03. Cardiology
04. Dentist
05. Emergency Medicine
06. ENT (Ear, NOse, Throat)
07. Gastroenterologist
08. Gynecological Oncology
09. Orthopedic
10. Pain Management
11. Pathology 12. Medical asst
13. Nurses (Male/Female)


01. Engineer
02. Master
03. Superintendent
04. Engine Chief
05. Mechanic
06. Electrician
07. Fuel Barge Operator
08. Skipper
09. Diver
10. Greaser
11. Deckhand
12. Radio/wireless operator, etc.


01. Equipment Electrician
02. Power Electrician
03. Mechanic
04. Light Vehicle Mechanic
05. Hand Wrapper
06. Welder Normal
07. High Pressure Pipe Welder
08. Pipe Fitter
09. Body Maker/Denter
10. Auto Electrician
11. Grease man
12. Sand Blaster
13. Pipe Fabricator
14. Air-condition Mechanic
15. Laboratory Technician
16. Plumber
17. Scaffolder 18. Jointer
19. Steel Carpenter
20. Wood Carpenter
21. Blacksmith
22. Mason
23. Tiles Layer
24. Finishing Carpenter
25. Gypsum worker
26. Truss Maker (pre-fabricated)
27. Painter
28. Tyreman
29. X-ray Man
30. NDT Technician, etc.

Currently Recruiting

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