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Chevsron CHEVRON BANGLADESH LTD : We have been providing logistics services to Chevron including manpower support services, logistics supply & equipment rental services on long term basis since 2005. We have recruited more than 500 contractual employees to Chevron and 70 units of executive fleet at a time under fleet management services.
C.P Group CP : We have developed 15 poultry projects for CP Thailand ltd and few more are under construction.
UNICAL UNOCAL BANGLADESH LTD : A company incorporated in USA had been involved in developing Oil Gas exploration sector in Bangladesh from 01 January 2006 to 31 August 2007.
Santos SANTOS SANGU FIELD LTD : We have been providing similar logistics support services to Santos sangu field ltd since 2008 under call of order basis.
Cairn CARIN ENERGY SANGU FIELD LTD : Cairn is one of Europe's leading independent oil and gas exploration and development companies. Cairn has its headquarters in Edinburgh (Scotland) and operational offices in London (UK). Cairn acquires Shell's 37.5% stake in the Sangu gas field and assumes operatorship.
HAM HAM : VOA Joint Venture (Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project): Under this joint venture , we have controlled total recruitment, administration, management and the welfare supports of over 5000 personnel of various categories.
Boskalis BOSKALIS INTERNATIONAL : Under this company, we have supplied construction equipments and materials to Jamuna Bridge Multipurpose Projects.
G R C GRC : We have provided manpower support services and other administrations to GRC under a frame work agreement.
Dredging International DREDGING INTERNATIONAL : We have provided drilling support services to dredging international.
Fiat Paints FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION : We have been providing vehicle rental services to FAO under a frame work agreement.