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Welcome to Oasis Group

OASIS is one of the BPO successful companies setting up bench marks in the service sectors of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh since 2003 with a proven track record of achievements in the diverse industries it has ventured into.

OASIS stands at the country’s one of the leading positions in the sectors of HR Training & Recruitment, Project Logistic Supports Services (PLSS), Agro Projects Services etc. Oasis has been executing several joint venture projects in those sectors with the world’s most prestigious Multi-national Companies (MNC’s) in the similar fields of operations.

Policy & Strength

We keep random pace with the change of faster and easier ways of operation policies for all the companies who require services assistance in the industries we work. Our commitments of quality & deliverance, positive, prompt and goal oriented professionalism towards palnned giving services have achieved the positions for us and our clients that we are now heading to.

We have developed fully integrated solutions and practicing six-sigma techniques that combine best of bread productivity, quality management and expertise to reduce cost and improve cycle time of business process for our clients. Our back-to-back solutions for human resources development, projects support services, agro industries development set standards for the industries require similar services in future.